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The Team

4th Henry Productions was founded in 2015, with a vision to break away from the conventional approach of capturing emotions and crafting timeless memories. Leveraging our extensive experience in national television projects, collaborations with major corporations, and work with renowned personalities, we ensure that your production needs are met with the utmost care and precision.

4thHenry Team-16.jpg


Owner / Videographer / Photographer

Mr. 4th Henry himself, the man behind the camera and our fearless leader. A leader who not only leads but trusts his handpicked team to take the lead when needed. He is always open to constructive criticism and eager to hear new views and ideas for the business. Late nights, early mornings, this man never stops working, thinking and dreaming. He has one speed...hyperdrive!

4th Henry II-20.jpg


Co-Owner / Videographer

We call her..."The boss." With a team of 7 guys, we need a lady to keep us all in line. Jenna never thought she’d ever be attending weddings and making it a side biz, but when she did, she dove in head first. Particular, organized, and assertive in the way she runs this company, Jenna is a godsend. Every successful business has a Jenna running the show.



Videographer / Photographer

She woke up like this. What makes her unique? Her drive. Not to be confused with the way she drives (although some may need to change their undergarments after spending a road trip with her), Heather consistently strives to learn new things and make people smile.



Videographer / Photographer / Editor

Our young gun. Don’t be surprised if he orders a sandwich with nothing but cheese, bread and turkey. He’s the man behind the scenes, editing efficiently and bringing out all the emotions. When the tears start flowing watching your wedding video, it’s because of him. Thanks a lot Caleb…

4thHenry Team-27.jpg



This fluffy little lumber jack of a teddy bear is one of the sweetest and hard working photographers we know. Mikey’s heart is as warm as a log cabin on a cold winter’s night. Anyone who's worked with this man knows his photos bare extraordinary experience and talent. Plus, he smells like a dense pine forrest.

4th Henry II-11.jpg

Patrick Hennessy


Ok... we get it... his last name is Hennessy. You know what's cooler than having the last name of a popular Cognac? A photographer who’s talented, artistic (and tall)! He may be the newest addition, but his artistic vision meshes so perfectly and seamlessly with our 4th Henry brand, that we forget he's the new (tall) guy!



Personality & Sales

You can never really forget this face. Brad makes a lasting impression on everyone he meets. After capturing him and his wife’s wedding in 2017, Brad joined the team. Since then, he has helped expand and grow the brand.  His firm belief in 4th Henry and what we stand for is an inspiration to us all. Most importantly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. Oh... and he's kind of wild child. So watch out. 


4th Henry Productions is a small company started in 2015. Each and every member of the team is dedicated to achieving excellence. Capturing emotion is something we all strive for. We want you to be able to feel exactly how you did when you said "I do."  Best of all, we make memories last.

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