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SAME DAY EDIT  -  $1,000

       For those who want to showcase their wedding story during their reception. 4th Henry meets with the bride and groom prior to their special day to conduct on camera interviews. After capturing the getting ready and ceremony, we edit a short featurette in time for your reception. 

Video Albums - $150

For past, present, and future clients. A wedding album with an embedded video player. 


     For those wanting to save some money on "save the date" cards. Includes one videographer and an edited 1 minute teaser. Typically shot 6 months before your wedding day.  


Typically purchased with your gold or platinum packages. Experience the true story of both your lives and share it with your friends and family. Interviews include a sit down conversation with the bride and groom, along with guest messages to the newlyweds.

Featurette - $1,200

A 15-20 minute edit of your wedding day. Usually for those who missed out on a longer cut of their wedding and want a little extra. 

Documentary - $1,600

A 60-90 minute edit of your special day. The full-length documentary is ideal for those who want to relive their wedding day time after time, or who may have had friends and family members who were unable to attend.

DVD's - $10 each

Professionally published DVDs with custom printed labels.

Photo Albums - $1000

Between 60 and 100 of your favorite photos from your special day custom designed with your wedding theme in mind. Photographs are meant to be experienced. There’s something about seeing it on paper, being able to touch it, and having something physical in your hands.

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